5G Linked Suicides at UK Universities

Control the sea, control the fish.

They control the airwaves, the money supply, the food supply, the water supply, the flow of demographics, the media, the medicine/vaccine supply, the academic institutions, the oil supply, and the list goes on.

Our airwaves are flooded with millimeter waves and dangerous metal particles – we are directly (and intentionally) in the firing line as part of a sinister population control exercise. It’s time to take back control.

Visit EMF Clothing UK to equip yourself with the 5G blocking equipment and materials you’ll need to protect your health. A great leading resource for information on the unfolding 5G rollout is Ian R Crane, his website can be found here, along with Smombie Gate, and The Fullerton Informer. Also look out for The Alternative View, a conference that features prominent figures in the 5G protest movement.

Suicide and cancer clusters are no coincidence.

As 5G infrastructure begins to crop up around the UK, so do its effects.

Bristol University has been hit by an unusual spate of student suicides, as have Surrey and York Universities. The common denominator is that they are all boasted as 5G ‘Centers of Excellence’.

A pattern emerging: Can you see how 5G could easily be a major factor here?

Jane Harvey, founding member of VAM (Villagers Against Masts) said research showed that with the rollout of 5G, there have been massive spikes in depression and anxiety.

“Bristol University has it’s own 5G network surrounding the university. They use it to trial driverless cars etcetera.

I think this is a factor that is worth considering since it is so closely linked with depression and anxiety.” Jane added.

This rings true, as it is reported in 2019 that there has been huge increase in students seeking help for mental health problems. Something like that doesn’t just come out of thin air.

According to Complete University Guide statistics, at least seven institutions spent more than £1 million on mental health support last year, compared to 2012 when just one university spent that much on mental health services. That’s a sharp and unprecedented increase.

Internet contrarian Paul Joseph Watson did a video on the rising rates of mental health issues:

The Daily Mail shockingly reported that “As many as 13 students are thought to have taken their own lives while studying in Bristol in the last three years”.

The new 5G network communicates through millimeter waves (MMWs) rather than microwaves, as previous generations have – its effects on humans are poorly documented.

Natasha Abrahart was but one case that was likely influenced by 5G. She studied Physics at Bristol University, and had warned tutors she could not bear to give a presentation to fellow students and staff. She sadly took her own life in May 2018.

SmombieGate quizzed Bristol University on their 5G installations with a FOI request – they were met with evasive and dishonest answers, with the university often giving bizarre answers, somewhat like ‘revealing this information to 5G skeptics will endanger our operation/investors’ trust’ – what are they scared of?

The upcoming release of 5G mobile devices will likely worsen current problems tenfold – as every handheld unit will feed into the 5G grid and relay its pervasive signals.

The EMF cancer cluster in California

A similar case comes from Ripon, California, where a cluster of cancer cases (4 students and 3 teachers were diagnosed with cancer within a 3-year period) reignited the conversation about whether radiation from cell towers might be a contributing factor. The cellphone tower on the campus was relocated following the tragic series of cases.

How 5G attenuates with oxygen to create O3 aka Ozone.

Mark Steele, a leading weapons systems expert that “broke cover” in relation to this issue, tells of how 5G tech/broadband companies have been given 60GHz wavelength for free for rolling out 5G, whereas any other wavelength would have been very expensive to obtain. Follow the money, the elites want this technology rolled out ASAP.

“For some inexplicable reason, Ofcom have allowed technology companies to use the 60GHz part of the spectrum – for free. Pretty strange that, because the spectrum’s pretty expensive, you’ll hear on the news of people paying hundreds of millions of pounds for a little bit of spectrum to put a bit of equipment in there.”

The reason for this is that 5G at 60GHz physically interacts with Oxygen molecules in the air in a process called ‘attenuation’; the radiation gets stuck in the oxygen molecule – more than at any other wavelength.

Oxygen absorbs millimeter waves most acutely at 60GHz, this is no coincidence. Any other wavelength would not be affected by oxygen as a barrier, this is why 5G needs so many towers. They want to detect and map oxygenated beings with 5G (i.e. human beings).

As shown, as we go higher up in frequency gasses in the atmosphere start to react with RF Signals causing attenuation – oxygen causes significant attenuation at 60 GHz and water vapor causes similar attenuation at 24 GHz and 184 GHz.

Mark Steele claims that this process affects “the orbital properties” of oxygen – and charges the atoms to create O3 aka Ozone (rather than O2). At 50ppm (parts per million), inhaling O3 kills humans. Anything between zero and 50ppm may, therefore, negatively affect the oxygen we breathe and inhibit our blood’s hemoglobin uptake of this essential life-sustaining gas – robbing our cells of the oxygenation they need.

“If I pour a load of amplitude into it (oxygen), I can actually break the covalent bond. If I break that covalent bond – I’ve got a load of oxygen atoms kicking around – that then attaches with other oxygen molecules, creating O3. O3 will kill any biological structure at 50ppm.”

Given that the 60GHz band is specifically absorbed by oxygen, and the body contains oxygen, it strikes me that it’s worth specifically testing the biological effects of this band, separately to existing cell phone bands.

A NCBI study from the Unit of Epidemiology, Regional Health Agency of Tuscany titled “The effects of ozone on human health” cited that:

“Most recent estimates indicate that in 2013 in EU-28, 16,000 premature deaths, equivalent to 192,000 years of life lost, are attributable to ozone (O3) exposure.”

Another study found the following on long term O3 exposure:

“Historically, much of the previous research focused on the short-term impacts. We utilized results from the growing body of evidence that links long-term O3 exposure and increased cause-specific premature mortalities, particularly from respiratory diseases.”

Mark also touched on the fact of the physical differences between men and women shows that 5G is having an effect. The smaller head size of women predisposes them to 5G damage more so than the higher body mass density of men – it is no doubt then as to why female mortality rates are increasing faster than men’s.

The smoking gun: women’s body mass/head size is smaller than men’s. These stroke figures reveal all.

There’s also a serious risk of dementia due to 5G/EMFs that Mark highlighted in an Alternative View 9 speech:

5G is an effective mapper of interiors – it’s a dream tool for a surveillance state.

He ended his speech by calling 5G a “genocide”.

The 5G debate continues.

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