The Strange Case of Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein, the Jewish politically connected financier and gatekeeper to the global elite pedophile ring, was found dead on August 10, reportedly after ‘hanging himself’ in his Manhattan prison cell.

Epstein was arrested on July 6, 2019 on federal charges for sex trafficking of minors in Florida and New York, he was incarcerated at the Manhattan Correctional Center until his reported suicide – just one day after files were released implicating a host of other elites in his crimes, including elite stooge Bill Clinton, who took private trips to Jeffrey Epstein’s “pedophilia island”.

“People close to Epstein fear he was murdered… as Epstein told authorities someone tried to kill him in a previous incident weeks earlier. He was described as being in good spirits in recent days,” claims The Washington Post’s Carol Leonnig.

“Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, various billionaire wall st. goons, hollywood elites and royal family creeps breathe a sigh of relief. He happens to have dirt on every powerful scumbag alive, how mighty convenient!” tweeted Secular Talk’s Kyle Kulinski.

“If Epstein’s death is still under investigation, and no one can explain yet how he killed himself, why is mainstream media reporting it definitively as a suicide? Even the FBI is calling it an ‘apparent suicide’,” tweeted journalist Max Blumenthal.

“How was Epstein not on the most intensive suicide watch protocol available???” tweeted journalist Michael Tracey.

More details on the Epstein case can be found here.

I also call your attention to two writers who are digging into Epstein’s seemingly endless, high-level connections. One is Wayne Madsen (twitter), whose recent article is posted at Intrepid Report: Politics and pedophilia: a demonic mix.

The other is Whitney Webb (twitter), at MintPress News: Mega Group, Maxwells and Mossad: The Spy Story at the Heart of the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal.

The numerous red flags surrounding the incident.

Red flag #1: Epstein was supposedly on 24/7 suicide watch and then wasn’t.

This is a rigorous surveillance process that ensures inmates deemed at risk of suicide are protected from themselves. How could Epstein kill himself if the proper protocol was in place? This means all items that could enable a suicide would be removed from his holding cell. Three weeks previously, Epstein had been found unconscious in his jail cell with injuries to his neck and was placed on suicide watch on July 24, which supposedly ended twelve days before he died. Why end his suicide watch only around a week after an incident like that? It makes no sense. Stockton University criminal justice professor Christine Tartaro told CNN in an interview on the subject in 2017 that on suicide watch “there should be constant, one-on-one eyes on (suicidal) inmates.”

It also seems that Epstein was in the Special Housing Unit (SHU) at the time of death, but not recently on suicide watch, which according to BOP’s Suicide Prevention Program, requires removal from the SHU, which had not taken place.

According to an NBC article, the decision to remove Jeffrey Epstein from suicide watch in the days before he took his own life baffles federal prison veterans and union leaders.

Red flag #2: The security cameras ‘malfunctioned’ at the time of Epstein’s ‘suicide’.

This is totally unexplained and suspicious. A significant inmate like Epstein would imply that every precaution would be taken to ensure his surveillance would be reliable and consistent. It’s too convenient that this happened right as he ‘committed suicide’.

Red flag #3: was a body double used to secure Epstein’s escape?

This one is a little less reliable, as these images could easily be edited, but if true, the differences are alarming and suggest a body double.

Red flag #4: August 9, federal appeals court unseals 2000 pages of documents related to Ghislaine Maxwell and Epstein’s crimes.

In newly unsealed documents, Virginia Giuffre claims that Jeffrey Epstein and his partner Ghislaine Maxwell trafficked her to politicians, princes, and a high-flying financier, as well as “another prince,” a “foreign president,” a well-known prime minister” and the owner of a “large hotel chain” in France.

So one day before Epstein dies these documents were released, showing just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Those implicated include Bill Mitchell, Bill Richardson, Alan Dershowitz, Shimon Peres, Leslie Wexner, John Glenn, Prince Andrew, Glenn Dubin, Marvin Minsky, Jean Luc-Brunel, and Bill Clinton.

Epstein: dead or alive?

  • He may have a dead man’s switch – by which damning documents may soon be released to the public posthumously.
  • He may have had the connections to get a cover-up and a body double to grant him an escape under a new identity, probably with facial reconstruction surgery. As a billionaire, he has the funds to do this quite easily.
  • He may have actually committed suicide, although this seems unlikely.

What could come next in the Epstein cover-up?

  • Guards close to the operation may be soon found dead. Depending how messy this psyop proves to be, any witness or official too closely exposed to what actually happened on August 10 may end up dead sooner or later.
  • As of 11 August, there is still no press conference scheduled about the Epstein case. They don’t want to handle the prying questions of the media.
  • Autopsy to be performed by unlicensed forensic pathologist. The autopsy that does take place may be carried out by a forensic pathologist that is paid off – showing results that are manipulated.
  • Seized photos and videos from Epstein home goes missing. The last paper and money trails will be snuffed out in the aftermath, manufactured distractions may emerge in the mainstream media as this all takes place.
  • His body will be ‘cremated’. Disallowing a chance for an autopsy, Epstein’s ‘body’ will be cremated or a body double will receive the autopsy instead, finding ‘evidence’ of suicide.

Other questions about Epstein:

  • His money. There are also very serious questions about Epstein’s money. As in billions of dollars, where did it come from? Did he really earn it by investing for clients? Or was it funneled to him, to prop him up, so he could himself act as a secret agent collecting blackmail material on key men around the world? Did he have a close and enduring relationship with the Mossad?
  • His association with possible blackmail of powerful individuals. Perhaps in recent months, he had made private threats to name names unless he was somehow taken off the hook. If his powerful cohorts and handlers believed he was becoming unstable, if he was now a loose cannon, they would have taken action.
  • His connections. It’s staggering how much protection must exist to keep Epstein’s connections safe and secure. The man seemed to “know everybody.” Scientists at Harvard, lawyers, very rich businessmen, spies, organized crime figures, presidents, and so forth.

The upper echelons of the Israeli political and intelligence structure also feature prominently in Epstein’s circle of associates and friends. Epstein’s mysterious links to unidentified national security interests were heightened after revelations that Acosta, while he was the US Attorney in Miami, was instructed by higher authority “back off” with regard to the Epstein case because Epstein “belonged to intelligence” and that Acosta should just “leave it alone.”

While the use of sexual blackmail by intelligence agencies is as old as intelligence operations themselves, the use of minors in such “honeytrap” cases in generally in the purview of only a few espionage organizations, the major one being Israel’s Mossad. And in reviewing Epstein’s Israeli connections, there is a very good chance that it was Mossad for whom Epstein was gathering political blackmail.